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Laugh Lines

They may be called laugh lines, but you’re not likely to get pronounced nasolabial folds — the creases that extend from the nose to the outer corners of the mouth — from muscle movement alone. They’re generally caused by sagging of the skin and a loss of subcutaneous fat as you age.

Forehead Lines

Forehead wrinkles are the horizontal lines across your forehead, often caused by raising your eyebrows repeatedly. Some people have more or deeper-set forehead lines than others due to a combination of genetics and lifestyle choices like forgoing sunscreen.

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles with… At-Home Products

Good news: The appearance of wrinkles can be improved over time. While more severe wrinkles typically can’t be entirely reversed, their appearance can be diminished — if you’re using these powerful products, that is.


Retinoids, the gold standard for wrinkle reduction, are vitamin A derivatives that stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen production, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Retinoids is the umbrella term for all such derivatives including retinol, which you can find in over-the-counter products, and Retin-A, available by prescription.

In addition to wrinkle-reducing capabilities, retinoids can soften skin, even out texture, and fade dark spots. But with great potency comes the risk of irritation. To avoid any redness and flaking (signs that the active form of retinol, a compound called retinoic acid, is working to make more collagen), start using a retinoid twice a week and follow it immediately with moisturizer. After a few weeks, step up your usage to three times a week.

And since retinoids can make you more sensitive to UV rays, experts recommend using it only at night, when you’re not exposed to the sun. If you do use it in the morning, make sure to be extra vigilant when reapplying sunscreen. Since you’re already wearing it anyway… right?


Antioxidants — vitamin C, niacinamide, or resveratrol — work to neutralize free radicals, which cause damage to our skin cells and therefore cause wrinkles, and boost collagen production. To get the most protection, cleanse the skin, apply an antioxidant-packed serum immediately, and then wait five minutes before putting on sunscreen. This will prevent you from diluting the formula.


As we’ve already stressed (both above and for more than 30 minutes straight on episode one!), UV rays are one of the biggest causes of premature wrinkles, so sunscreen is the ultimate secret to maintaining a youthful complexion. Protecting your skin from UV rays will help prevent the formation of new wrinkles as well as slow the worsening of existing ones on your face. Wear it daily. No excuses.

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