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In our visually-dominated world, rightly or wrongly, men may increasingly feel pressures to ‘age well’. Sadly, it’ll take more than a supermarket-bought face wash to reverse years of sun damage and bad lifestyle choices – but equally, frozen foreheads and pinched cheeks don’t look good on anyone.

This may be why more men are turning to ‘tweakments’ to halt the visible ageing process says Dr Wassim Taktouk, aesthetic doctor and expert in male grooming. Here he reveals the ways his male clients leave him appearing refreshed without looking ‘done’, using the latest advanced aesthetic treatments.

1/ The ‘power profile’

    ‘As we age, our facial bones continue to change and decrease in volume, and this can result in a less defined jaw as the previously sharp angles soften. Essentially, the result of this ageing process is a loss of the so-called ‘superhero jawline’. I replace the lost volume in this area, alongside the chin, back to its former glory, using the latest injectable products to give a more masculine, defined profile. Expect results to last between 12-18 months.”

    2/ Revitalised eyes

    “Is there anything more disheartening than getting into work after a great night’s sleep, only to hear, “you look tired”? Ageing strikes first around the eyes due to the delicate skin in this area, but using muscle-inhibitors such as Botox to reduce the creation of fine lines and wrinkles often isn’t enough. The eyes actually ‘hollow out’ thanks to those unavoidable changes in facial bone structure and this, combined with loss of fat pads, causes shadowing and hollowness, which can leave you looking permanently exhausted. Using a dermal filler specifically for the delicate eye area, I carefully and painlessly replace lost volume, reducing the hollowing and decreasing the appearance of dark shadows. Combine this with a sprinkling of wrinkle-relaxing injections to soften the crow’s feet, and all of a sudden you look refreshed and years younger. Results can last up to two years.”

    3/ The ‘liquid nose job’

    “How does the nose contribute to the ageing process, I hear you ask? Gravity takes no prisoners and, as we age, the soft tissue, skin and cartilage change, and this can result in a nose that lengthens and sags, pulling down the features. However, there is a non-surgical solution known as the ‘liquid nose job’. An injection of well-placed dermal filler can straighten out any lumps and bumps, giving the illusion of a smaller, straighter nose. A little bit of wrinkle-reducing treatment injected in the tip can even lift a droopy nose, too. I recommend you only go to an experienced injector who is skilled at treating the nose and who can balance your profile to look natural. Results last six to 12 months.”

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    4/ Lip service

    “Know that lip enhancement isn’t just for women. There’s an art to replacing the lost volume that comes with age, regardless of gender, and I often inject a small amount of filler into the lips of male patients to rehydrate and replace this volume without changing the shape or size of the lips. The results speak for themselves; a reduction in the fine lines on the mouth and a more balanced, yet masculine, appearance without a duck’s bill in sight. Results last three to six months with regular top-ups recommended.”

    5/ Instagram filter skin

    “Imagine having access to an Instagram filter 24/7; suddenly your skin has a youthful glow and the early signs of sagging around the cheeks and jaw lessen. Well, good skincare and nutrition should be your first port of call, but a true secret weapon is Profhilo, an ‘injectable moisturiser’ that rehydrates dehydrated skin, tightens up the first signs of skin laxity and leaves a youthful glow. Note: Profhilo won’t change your face shape as it works differently to dermal filler, but just two sessions spaced one month apart can trigger your own natural collagen and elastin to improve, giving noticeable results for up to six months. Another fantastic option to rejuvenate the skin is the injectable hyaluronic acid treatment called Redensity 1. A cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, zinc, copper and vitamin B that boosts the skin, it tackles such problems as sun damage, thin, ageing skin, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Results are visible after the first treatment, but three are recommended. Combine this with PRP (platelet-rich plasma, drawn from your own blood) and microneedling, which stimulates collagen and elastin production plus channels the body’s own stem cells (from the platelets) into your skin, and you’ll be like Benjamin Button, ageing backwards.”

    6/ Don’t sweat it

    “One of the best-kept secrets of all that my male clients love is a treatment designed to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, those annoying sweat patches under the arms. Of course, sweating is natural – but some people experience it in excess which can be embarrassing outside of the gym. Although there are energy-based devices that promise to ‘zap’ your sweat glands, leaving you sweat-free, I much prefer to treat the underarms with Botulinum toxin (Botox). A few injections repeated two-to-four times a year can reduce the sweat patches significantly.”

    7/ Butt lifts

    “It’s not just women who want a more shapely derrière. I find gentlemen are wanting a lifted, more athletic bottom and are harnessing the latest cutting-edge HIFEM technology to get there. I favour EMsculpt (at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic) to trigger 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in each half-hour treatment, equivalent to over 11 squats per second which is far above and beyond what even an Olympic athlete could do. A course of four is recommended, at two per week to lift and sculpt the buttocks. The result is an average increase of 16 per cent muscle in that area, which maintains for around a year.”

    8/ The futuristic facial

    “Forget everything you think you know about facials and get ready to clear some space in your diary for a customisable treatment designed to tackle all manner of skin conditions, such as redness, dryness, pigmentation, acne and a general dull pallor symbolic of burning the candle at both ends. I recommend the ‘Advanced TT Facial’ at Teresa Tarmey in London to my clients. After a full skin analysis you are given a combination of treatments ranging from medical-grade LED light treatment, microneedling, skin tightening with Near Infra Red, laser and IPL and–of course–a deep cleanse and hydrate. After just one hour your skin will glow, look tighter and brighter, giving that ‘eight hours sleep and five servings of fruits and veg’ radiance – but without the effort.”

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