Type 8.5 (EPT/RI) – IMImobile plc

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Type 8.3 – Willis Towers Watson plc.

FORM 8.3IRISH TAKEOVER PANELDISCLOSURE UNDER RULE 8.3 OF THE IRISH TAKEOVER PANEL ACT, 1997, TAKEOVER RULES, 2013DEALINGS BY PERSONS WITH INTERESTS IN RELEVANT SECURITIES REPRESENTING 1% OR MORE1. KEY INFORMATIONName of individual dealing (Notice 1)State Avenue International Advisors & AffiliatesCompany dealt inWillis Towers Watson plc.Class of related safety to which the dealings being disclosed relate (Notice 2)US$0.000304635 atypical sharesDate of dealing07th January 2021  2. INTERESTS AND SHORT POSITIONS(a) Pursuits and quick positions (following dealing) within the class of related safety dealt in (Notice 3) LongShort Quantity(%)Quantity(%)(1) Related securities6,217,261                                                                                                  4.82312%    (2) Derivatives (apart from choices)N/A   (3) Choices and agreements to buy/sellN/A   Total6,217,261                                                                                                  4.82312%    (b) Pursuits and quick positions in related securities of the corporate, apart from the category dealt in (Notice 3)Class of related safety:LongShort Quantity(%)Quantity(%)(1) Related securitiesN/A   (2) Derivatives (apart from choices)N/A   (3) Choices and agreements to buy/sellN/A   TotalN/A   3. DEALINGS (Notice 4)(a) Purchases and salesPurchase/saleNumber of related securitiesPrice per unit (Notice 5)Purchase6,438205.25Purchase58205.25Purchase8205.25Purchase126205.25Sale400205.25Sale7,524205.25Sale3,876205.25 (b) Derivatives transactions (apart from choices transactions)Product title, e.g. CFDNature of transaction (Notice 6)Variety of related securities (Notice 7)Worth per unit (Notice 5)N/A   (c) Choices transactions in respect of present related securities(i) Writing, promoting, buying or varyingProduct title, e.g. name optionWriting, promoting, buying  various and so forth.Variety of securities to which the choice relates (Notice 7)Train priceType, e.g. American, European and so forth.Expiry dateOption cash paid/acquired per unit (Notice 5)N/A      (ii) ExercisingProduct title, e.g. name optionNumber of securitiesExercise value per unit (Notice 5)N/A  (d) Different dealings (together with transactions in respect of recent securities) (Notice 4)Nature of transaction (Notice 8)DetailsPrice per unit (if relevant) (Notice 5)N/A  4. OTHER INFORMATIONAgreements, preparations or understandings regarding choices or derivativesFull particulars of any settlement, association or understanding between the individual disclosing and every other individual regarding the voting rights of any related securities below any possibility referred to on this manner or regarding the voting rights or future acquisition or disposal of any related securities to which any spinoff referred to on this manner is referenced. If none, this needs to be said.N/AIs a Supplemental Type 8 hooked up? (Notice 9)NO Date of disclosure08th  January 2021  Contact nameLionel ColacoTelephone quantity                                                             020 33956098If a related EFM, title of offeree/offeror with which connectedN/AIf a related EFM, state nature of connection (Notice 10)N/A

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