Tricks to Get Supple, Flawless And Wholesome Pores and skin

Tis the season of chocolate, champagne, and love notes, and it is difficult to hold in our excitement. Naturally, you want everything to be perfect and why should your skin be left behind. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner at home or have booked a swanky place for the special date night, lacklustre skin will be a downer in your plans. Although Valentine’s day is over, you don’t need a day in particular to pamper your skin. Skincare is an important aspect of our personality. Also Read – 9 Dermatologist-Backed Ways to Prevent Dandruff Effectively

Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist & Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics shares tips and why you need to show your skin some self-love. Also Read – Coronavirus Vaccine: Home Remedies For Side-Effects

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Flawless, blemish and acne-free skin just needs some regular TLC and with work from home still in force, you can devote some dedicated time to skincare. The weather is changing and so should your skincare routine. Your daytime routine should include a cleanser toner and moisturizer topped with a minimum of 40 SPF sunscreen. The night is the time when the skin repairs itself. Remove all makeup before going to bed and use the CTM regimen religiously.

Pick a facial cleanser that suits your skin. The cleanser removes the dirt and dead skin from your face and prevents acne and blemishes. The cleanser is your first step to the glowing skin. Chose cleansers that contain gentle exfoliating agents such as lemon, and orange. If you have blemishes then chose cleanser containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

For the cupid approved flawless skin, don’t forget to use a toner after cleansing. Toner preps your skin for moisturizing and tightens skin pores. Look for toners containing witch hazel, aloe vera, vitamin C, and rose water.
Seal your love for your skin with some good moisturizer. A moisturizer soothes, hydrates your skin, and adds the lovely radiance.

Save some love for the lips too: Use SPF lip balm during the daytime and a moisturizing one before going to bed. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips twice a week.

Indulge in some weekly pampering

With work from home, you don’t have to wait for Saturday or Sunday to pamper your skin. Consult your dermatologist for some of the skin rejuvenation treatments that you can take in the weekday breaks. The best part of getting skin rejuvenation treatments before Valentine’s Day is that you will get ample time to recover at home. You can opt for treatments such as

• Ultherapy

• Botox

• Laser skin resurfacing and hair removal

• Dermal fillers

• CoolSculpting

You can also book appointments for facials, body polishing and skin tightening packs a week before Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget your hair in your weekly routines. Use hair masks that promote hair growth and stop the hair fall.

Get specific skincare

Pay attention to what your skin is telling you. Chose products that address your skin type and don’t ignore skin concerns like acne, dark circles pigmentation etc. Your skin specialist will recommend skin concern specific products that you can use. Remember there is no instant product that will give you immediate results.

Eat lots of colours

Time to switch from the winter comfort food to healthy vegetables and fruits. The market is full of fresh veggies and you too can benefit from the fresh produce. Make sure your plate of food contains omega- 3 fats, lean proteins, and lots of vitamin C. Broccoli, berries, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, papaya, and sprouts are filling for the stomach and good for the skin.

Sweet dreams are necessary too

Get enough sleep to get flawless skin. Go to bed on time and make sure you sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night.


It cannot be stressed enough that there is no substitute for water. 6-7 glasses of water every day will keep the inflammation down and blemishes at bay. Not only this, water gives the necessary oxygen to your skin cells.

When your skin is happy, you are happy and it reflects in your demeanour and shines in your eyes.

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