The Highest Dermatologist Instagram Accounts

Now is the time to clean up your Instagram feed. Say so-long to the show-offs, buh-bye to the users who perpetuate diet culture, and ta-ta to the fake news sources. It’s never been so important that we do a social media cleanse – we’re spending more time than ever looking at screens, and any false or negative content can soon have an impact on our mental health.

It’s for this reason that there’s been a rise in ‘expert influencers’, i.e. those with qualifications in their subject, have authored books on the issues they post about, and act as a rich resource of trustworthy information. In the world of makeup, this often translates to trained makeup artists who have done the rounds backstage at fashion weeks, as well as have a wealth of experience on photoshoots and creative projects.

When it comes to skincare, Instagram users are turning to the dermatologists for reliable skincare tips and advice, including the low-down on different active ingredients, from retinol to skincare acids, as well as reviews on new product launches and even no holds barred information on cosmetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers.

As well as expert advice, these expert influencers also provide a breath of fresh air from heavily-filtered skincare #ads that perpetuate a false ideal of beauty while capitalising on skin insecurities. What’s worse is the misleading claims that push certain products or false information that promises certain results, which ultimately will disappoint. While Instagram has made huge efforts to counteract fake news, and the Advertising Standards Agency has recently banned the use of beautifying filters in cosmetics adverts, the expert influencers are going the extra mile to provide exceptional, qualified advice.

Without further ado, here are GLAMOUR’s favourite dermatologist influencers worth your follow…

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