Your Face And Fillers: How To Reach Delicate Improvements

Models in image treated with Juvéderm. Individual treatments and results may vary.

The visible results of a thorough and well-thought-out skincare regime speak for themselves – from boosting hydration and encouraging cell turnover to improving texture. If, however, you’re interested in adding volume to a particular area – say, the lips, the cheekbones or the jaw line – this is where facial fillers could garner instant and long-lasting results.

Facial fillers have recently grown in popularity thanks to their refreshing and enhancing capabilities. When a qualified medical aesthetics practitioner provides a treatment with a filler like Juvéderm, it can help to soften lines, restore volume and contour features.

Juvéderm’s range of fillers has been specifically designed to provide targeted results to each concern. What’s more, Juvéderm technologies integrate with your own facial tissue, meaning that they can create natural-looking results, whether you’re smiling, laughing or frowning.

Here, we take a look at how facial fillers can be used around the face:

The Upper Face

With Juvéderm’s range of purpose-driven fillers, it’s possible to soften lines across the brow and around the eyes and add volume to the temples.

The Mid Face

As we age, our skin tends to lose its plumpness and elasticity, which can result in sagging in areas such as the under eyes, the cheeks and the smile lines around the mouth.

Fillers can be used to restore volume beneath the eyes and along the cheekbones, but can also be structured to give greater balance and symmetry to your face.

Many people will be familiar with fillers being used in lips and we’ve come a long way from the days of ‘trout pouts’. Nowadays, lips fillers can be used to give a boost to lip shape and volume, while also reducing the appearance of lines around the mouth.

The Lower Face

Facial fillers can be used to recontour the jawline and jowls, helping to create definition in your face. These treatments can be done with Juvéderm’s range of temporary dermal fillers, which can last for up to 24 months and are broken down naturally by the body over time, allowing the results fade eventually (individual results may vary).

Similarly, Juvéderm facial fillers can augment the shape of the chin and give an aesthetic balance to the facial features while enhancing the appearance of the side profile.

The Full Face

There are many factors which can impact the appearance of your skin – ageing, hormonal changes and dermal disorders amongst them. They can lead to a loss of elasticity, a loss of radiance, dehydration and decreased levels of hyaluronic acid, all of which can result in dryness and a crepe-like texture. Juvéderm facial fillers deliver a hyaluronic acid which aids with hydration (it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) and can help to restore your skin’s texture, and the results can last from nine to 24 months (individual results may vary).

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