Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?

Primal Collagen is an instant mix collagen formula from Primal Harvest.

The supplement claims to support hair, skin, and joint health using grass-fed bovine peptides. Like other collagen supplements, you take Primal Collagen daily to support various benefits.

Does Primal Collagen work? Is this the right collagen supplement for you? Find out everything you need to know about Primal Collagen and how it works today in our review.

What is Primal Collagen?

Primal Collagen is a collagen supplement sold online through

Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

The supplement uses grass-fed bovine peptides sourced from grass-fed beef to provide you with a significant daily dose of collagen.

Primal Collagen is NSF-certified and made in the United States.

Collagen supplements are more popular today than ever. Many people take collagen supplements daily to support anti-aging effects. Some like using collagen for joint health. Others use collagen for hair and skin. Some use collagen as a source of protein – just like you would use any protein powder.

Americans spent an estimated $293 million on collagen supplements in 2020. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian claim to start each day with a hot collagen beverage to support anti-aging benefits.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, which is why you’ll notice the effects of collagen throughout your body. Let’s take a closer look at how Primal Collagen works.

Primal Collagen Features & Benefits

Primal Harvest advertises all of the following features and benefits:

  • Sourced from grass-fed beef, including pasture-raised cattle with no antibiotics
  • Packed with amino acids
  • No unpleasant smells from non-essential types of collagen
  • It contains types I and III collagen.
  • Mixes instantly and effortlessly.
  • It helps improve hair, skin, nails, joints, bones, and gut health

Overall, Primal Harvest claims to use a high-quality source of collagen to deliver powerful benefits.

How Does Primal Collagen Work?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s found in your skin, hair, and joints and found in your muscles.

As you get older, your collagen levels naturally decline. You might notice joint soreness as you get older. You might see sagging skin or wrinkles. These issues could be linked to collagen.

Today, a growing number of people take collagen supplements daily to reverse the effects of aging. Some claim collagen makes them look younger, for example, by giving more elasticity and plumpness to their skin.

Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Others take collagen to support an active lifestyle. Collagen helps you recover from exercise, for example, while also supporting joint health.

Here are some of the effects of Primal Collagen according to Primal Harvest:

Promotes Healthy & Glowing Skin: Primal Harvest claims Primal Collagen can increase skin elasticity, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, boost hydration, and encourage vibrant skin health, among other benefits. By taking Primal Collagen daily, you could enjoy a youthful, glowing complexion.

Supports Healthy Joints & Bones: Primal Collagen can purportedly alleviate joint stiffness and discomfort, preserving healthy bone mass and joint mobility. If you notice more joint soreness with age, then taking a collagen supplement could help.

Balances Gut & Liver Health: Primal Collagen claims to balance gut and liver health using glycine and glutamine, both of which are naturally present in collagen. These could support a healthy gut barrier, leading to better digestion.

Mixes Easily: Primal Collagen is formulated with something called GelcoPEP technology. This technology is specifically designed to help supplements mix more easily with the beverage of your choice. That means you can easily add Primal Collagen to anything without leaving a powdery residue behind.

Complete Amino Acid Profile: Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Primal Collagen, like other collagen supplements, contains a full range of amino acids. These amino acids are found in every cell in the body, and they’re crucial for overall health and wellness.

Promotes Healthy Hair & Nails: If you’ve noticed brittle hair and nails, then collagen supplements could help. The amino acids in collagen support essential proteins that naturally boost hair thickness and nail growth.

Primal Collagen Ingredients

Like all good collagen supplements, Primal Collagen has just one listed ingredient: collagen.

There’s 10g of collagen in each scoop of Primal Collagen, which is considered an average to strong dose. Most collagen supplements have between 5g and 15g per serving.

Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Although there’s just one listed ingredient in Primal Collagen, collagen contains many sub-ingredients, including amino acids, sodium, and calcium.

Primal Harvest lists the typical amino acid profile of their collagen formula upfront, making it easy to see exactly what’s inside each serving of Primal Collagen. Each serving also contains trace amounts of sodium (1% DV) and calcium (2% DV).

Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

The amino acid profile is essential. Primal Collagen contains nine essential amino acids in substantial doses. Like other collagen supplements, these amino acids play a crucial role in skin, hair, and joint health.

Scientific Evidence for Primal Collagen

Primal Harvest contains just one ingredient: collagen. Collagen is backed by plenty of evidence proving it supports healthy aging and other benefits. Collagen supplements are more popular today than they have ever been before.

In this 2019 study published in Nutrients, researchers assessed a collagen supplement’s effects on a group of 72 healthy women aged 35 and older. These women received 2.5g of a collagen protein complex per day or a placebo. Researchers analyzed the collagen supplement’s effects and observed significant skin hydration improvements, elasticity, roughness, and density compared to a placebo. Researchers also found these results were “substantially retained” during a follow-up, suggesting they weren’t just short-term changes.

Instead of checking each study on collagen, it helps check reviews like this one published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. In that study, researchers summarized dozens of trials on collagen. After analyzing dozens of collagen studies, researchers found that taking 2.5g to 10g of collagen per day for 8 to 24 weeks was associated with significant benefits, based on the results of 805 patients across these trials. Researchers found that oral collagen supplements “increase skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density” with no reported side effects.

Although collagen is trendy today, it’s been used for centuries for anti-aging benefits. Women in China have used collagen for centuries to preserve aging joints. Today, Kourtney Kardashian claims she starts her day with a hot collagen beverage, and Americans spent nearly $300 million on collagen supplements in 2020.

Because Primal Collagen contains a strong dose (10g) of collagen, it should provide all of the benefits listed above, supporting joint health, skin health, hair, skin, nails, and more.

Primal Collagen contains types I and III collagen, the two most popular forms of collagen. The type of collagen is essential, as different types of collagen target other parts of your body.

Scientists have identified 28 types of collagen, although type I collagen is the most abundant in skin, bone, teeth, tendon, ligaments, and organs, which is why it’s the most popular type of collagen supplement.

Type III collagen, meanwhile, is most abundant in the skin, muscles, and blood vessels, which is why it’s also another popular source of collagen. Studies show a combination of types I and III collagen could provide significant anti-aging effects.

Ultimately, Primal Collagen uses a blend of collagen proven to support anti-aging benefits and other effects. Because Primal Harvest uses a high-quality beef source, Primal Collagen provides all of these benefits without the filler ingredients seen in lower-quality formulas.

Primal Collagen Pricing

Primal Collagen is priced at $37 per bag, although the price drops as low as $30 per bag when ordering multiple units.

Primal Collagen Opinions – PrimalHarvest Grass-Fed Peptides?, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

You can buy Primal Collagen through, where pricing breaks down like this:

Each bag contains 30 servings (30 scoops) of collagen. You get 10g of collagen per scoop.

Primal Collagen Refund Policy

A 90-day refund policy backs primal Collagen.

This is the same refund policy as most other Primal Harvest products. The company stands behind its supplements with a generous and effective refund policy. If you’re unhappy with Primal Collagen for any reason, then you can request a complete refund within 90 days.

About Primal Harvest

Primal Harvest is a supplement company based in the United States. The company manufactures all supplements in the United States using natural ingredients.

Primal Collagen is NSF certified by the Public Health and Safety Organization. The company tests its products with third-party labs to verify their purity and potency.

Overall, Primal Harvest is a quality supplement company that makes a range of popular supplements, including Primal Sleep, Primal Probiotics, Primal Mind Fuel, and others.

You can contact Primal Harvest via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-631-769-2227
  • Mailing Address: 814 Fulton Street Ste C, Farmingdale, NY 11735

You can learn more about Primal Harvest and its approach to supplement manufacturing here.

Final Word

Primal Collagen is a collagen supplement made by Primal Harvest. Each scoop of Primal Collagen contains 10g of collagen protein to promote healthy skin, hair, nails, and more.

Other things that differentiate Primal Collagen from competing supplements include using grass-fed beef and the NSF certification – two things that we don’t see with cheaper collagen supplements.

Overall, Primal Collagen should work as advertised to provide you with a healthy collagen dose proven to support various benefits.

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