Dermal Fillers Will Repair It All

The times are changing and so are people’s routines. But it’s a truth universally acknowledged that the constant stress we all live in affects us negatively on many levels. One of those levels is, quite unfortunately our looks. Most of us look tired because our daily routines, all the running to and fro that we have to do, makes us look exhausted all the time. So it is a rather natural thing for us to want to look better nowadays to compensate for all the stress we are going through. Add ageing on top of it all. It’s never a great thing to wake up every morning to face an image of our once young selves.

But stress or age related issues with our looks have a myriad of contemporary solutions. It should come as no surprise that science has been quite active in terms of developing various products related to beauty. Those many of us who would like to pump up or lips or get rid of those annoying dark circles under our eyes have a variety of dermal fillers at their disposal. And you shouldn’t be too worried about lip or under eye filler cost as there are many affordable options out there.

However, choosing the right clinic should be your priority. The first place to start is checking out the online reviews left by former patients. For instance, if you are a NYC resident looking for filler options, you will end up stumbling at a number of clinics such as MiracleFace MedSpa that provide superb treatments at an affordable price.

But we’re here to explain to you some of the most important aspects of lip and under eye fillers and help you to, hopefully, make the right decision as to whether any of these treatments is right for you. Here’s what we’re planning to cover.

  1. Juvederm Explained 
  2. Under Eye Injections with Juvederm
  3. Lip Fillers: All you Need to Know 
  4. Botox vs Lip Fillers 
  5. A Final Word 

So let’s not waste any more time and get to the bottom of these.

1. Juvederm Explained 

Juvederm is one of the most well-known dermal fillers. It’s used extensively to treat a number of issues such as the ones related to lost volume. There is a wide range of Juvederm types such as Juvederm Lip Injections, Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm voluma.  While these various Juvederm variations can be discussed at length, with a corresponding discourse on the areas that these particular types are used to treat, a more important conversation needs to be held. The conversation we are referring to is the one focused on the underlying principles of Juvederm injections.

The first thing to understand is that there is this so-called substance widely referred to as hyaluronic acid that is found naturally in our bodies. Juvederm is based fully on this acid — in fact, it injects the latter into the problematic area. And so Juvederm — which happens to be a dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid — will be able to expand the volume of the area that it’s been injected into by replacing the fat in that aforementioned area. To narrow this down, what will happen is the amount of substance in the syringe will — when injected — quadruple. In a nutshell, it will work as a sponge that will, so to speak, inflate under one’s skin and will, as a consequence, replace lost volume and provide support for the overlying skin.

2. Under Eye Injections with Juvederm

There are countless issues that can arise under one’s eyes. The most common ones are, of course, those annoying dark circles that are a direct result of our constant exposure to stress in this fast paced world. That aside, ageing leads to a number of issues under one’s eyes — such as fine lines and wrinkles or lost volume under the eye area.

As we’ve discussed the ability of Juvederm to bring back lost volume, it’s an option for you if you want to get rid of your under eye problems. Adding volume to the area will help you decrease the appearance of dark circles as well as to give your ender eye area a more youthful look.

3. Lip Fillers: All You Need to Know 

The appearance of one’s lips is not necessarily an issue that is related to age. You might simply want to have lips that are more voluminous than what you have now. Lip filler is an injectable that is inserted into the lip area to give it that plumpy look. The greatest thing about lip fillers is that the results are seen almost instantaneously.

Among various options you have for lip fillers, one that stands out is connected to what we have already discussed (and did so quite extensively) — Juvederm. Thousands of people each year opt for Juvederm lip injection to augment their lips with increased volume as well as plumpy look.

4. Botox vs Lip Fillers 

First and foremost we need to remind you of what Botox is at the core. Well, Botox works by injecting the so-called Botulinum toxin and as this occurs, it freezes — or let’s say, relaxes — the muscles and all is done for one purpose: to ensure that the muscle doesn’t contract as much as before. Procedurally, this is quite effective when the wrinkles are to be removed. In fact, many opt for Botox when they are aiming at getting rid of smoker’s lines — wrinkle around one’s lips.

On the other hand, lip fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid that aim at adding volume to the lip area. Consequently, it’s best to use Botox to treat wrinkles while lip fillers for adding volume to the area.

Last but not least, lip fillers last for 6 to 12 months while Botox stays around for only 3 to 4 months.

5. A Final Word 

So, what do you think, is this information enough for you to make the right decision as to whether you want to undergo lip or under eye filler treatments? Because we certainly hope that is the case.

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