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Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Dr Nabila Azib discusses the game-changing products and techniques developed by the brand Teoxane, while giving us an insight into a robust post-Covid-19 cosmetic industry

A major player in aesthetic medicine and skincare, Teoxane is a Swiss-based brand that has been built on the principles of innovation and patient satisfaction.

Offering high-performance and avant-garde products, such as cruelty-free and biodegradable hyaluronic dermal fillers, Teoxane brought their world-class doctors for workshops in Dubai this June. 

Among the expert aesthetic surgeons present was Dr Nabila Azib from Rabat, Morocco. With an experience of over 10 years in the plastic surgery industry, Dr Azib wears many hats – Scientific Director of the international congress in anti-aging medicine and medical spa (ICAAM) in Dubai, Scientific Coordinator of Face2F@ce Congress in Cannes, and faculty member of European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS).

We sat down with Dr Azib as she took us through the cutting-edge fillers, industry-leading expertise, and high-quality standards adopted by her brand Teoxane.

Aesthetician par excellence

Dr Azib has a whole wealth of expertise in aesthetic medicine, having been associated with the brand Teoxane for a decade now. Talking about her stint as a plastic surgeon, she stated: “I’m a specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery in Rabat, Morocco, performing all aesthetic surgeries including cosmetic procedures like injectables and devices for face and body rejuvenation and beautification. I have been a key opinion leader for Teoxane and we organise international conferences and training for doctors all over the world, as well as in my clinic in Rabat, Dr Nabila Azib Aesthetics Academy. As a member of the Expert2expert group, I’m also a co-author of several books on fillers injections and anatomy.”

Aesthetically Yours – Information | Khaleej Instances, dermalfillerbeforeandafter 

On the rise

While the cosmetic surgery industry has been growing year on year, new data shows growing interest in aesthetic procedures amid the pandemic. The extent of the pandemic’s ripple effects in reshuffling nearly every aspect of the industry has been significant.

Commenting on the same, Dr Azib said, “It’s burgeoning, especially after the pandemic. Moreover, in the Middle East, the demand is three times more than before. I reckon it’s due to the fact that during the lockdown people gained a lot of weight, leading to a surge in liposuction procedures than before. Also, due to the growing prevalence of Zoom meetings, a lot of negative aspects and imperfections in people’s faces became more accentuated. Another reason we could pin this on is more disposable income, owing to lack of travel or shopping prospects during the pandemic.”

Changing face of beauty

A new trend that has been gaining traction in the Middle East is fillers for the jawline. It’s what patients on social media call the Texas technique. The moniker is given due to the resemblance of the procedure’s end result on the jaw to the state of Texas, USA, which has a sharp 90-degree angle. Elaborating on the same, Dr Azib stated, “It’s not a technical term, hence as doctors we don’t like to use it. It involves contouring and defining the jawline with fillers. It’s a departure from older trends. Ten years ago, patients would ask for high cheekbones and full lips, but now they desire a defined jawline like Angelina Jolie. However, it doesn’t go with all faces as some have a lot of fat.”

Aesthetically Yours – Information | Khaleej Instances, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Non-invasive procedures

For those averse to cosmetic surgeries, Dr Azib contended there are ways to lift and contour the body without going under the knife at Teoxane. “We have methods like ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin, which is effective. As far as reducing body fat is concerned, there’s surgery with devices like cryolipolysis, commonly referred to as fat freezing, which is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure. Teoxane also has a new classical range of products called dynamic fillers. It’s the resilient hyaluronic acid (RHA) range. These fillers are dedicated to respect the dynamism of the face, in contrast to other brands which include rigid HA.”

“Rigid HA-laden fillers tend to give the appearance of two small balls on patients’ face when they smile. When injected into the lips, one can spot bumps, nudges, making it look unnatural,” she continued.

Making a difference

Teoxane continually keeps up with product innovation and R&D in this competitive sector, giving it an edge over other brands. Their products are safe, effective and long-lasting. Their new range of fillers are dynamic, and they mimic the natural HA level in our skin.

Dr Azib notes, “It’s the swiss technology and the way they have been designing their products for decades. One of their USP’s is creating fillers that mimic the natural HA we have in our skin. For example, rigid HA looks unnatural. But the new innovative RHA range uses long fibres, hence they are malleable. The result is a natural, long-lasting look. These are well-tolerated and there is less risk of having an inflammatory reaction because they behave like natural HA.”

Aesthetically Yours – Information | Khaleej Instances, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

A to Z about HA

Explaining the importance of HA for skin and Teoxane’s advanced HA fillers that come infused with this substance, Dr Azib explained, “HA is important for skin because with the ageing process we lose the natural HA our skin generates. When we are born we possess 100 per cent HA, with atonic, hydrated skin. But at 30, we have already lost 50 per cent of this key HA, and with each passing year, we lose one per cent of collagen. Due to ageing, we tend to lose natural HA, collagen and elastin in our skin, leading to wrinkled and saggy skin. This is where our fillers come into play, replenishing the natural features that we’ve lost.” Dos and don’ts of dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable implants that help smoothen skin and wrinkles. As the name implies, they are injected beneath your skin using a needle. However, there are certain precautions that one needs to take before opting to go for this procedure. Dr Azib stresses the “first precaution is the female patient should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.”

There are also other factors to consider, such as allergic reactions. “We have to know all the contraindications for these fillers, as some autoimmune responses can be a contraindication.”

Before taking the dermal plunge, a patient should know that a little bit of swelling or bruising could occur the next day, so playing a sport, or going for a sauna or hammam should be avoided for a week as these products are very sensitive to hot temperature in the initial few days.

Dr Azib added, “I recommend patients to sleep on their back for two to three days after the treatment, as opposed to the side or stomach. In these Covid-19 times, we recommend patients flip their masks and avoid wearing them on the metallic side, as it tends to put pressure on facial dermal fillers. Also, when we do nose fillers, we ask the patient to shun glasses for at least a week, as pressure on the injected areas should be avoided.”

Zoom boom

At the start of the pandemic, things didn’t look promising for the field of plastic surgery. However, thanks to online video platforms, consultations carried on unhindered. Once restrictions on surgeries lifted, practices opened up once again and more people than ever before were interested in plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Commenting on the upswing in aesthetic procedures post-Covid-19, Dr Azib expressed, “During the lockdown, I did a lot of video consultations for the follow-up of previous patients. It was of great benefit to us as we could continue to work at home and answer questions. We organised live sessions on social media to answer patients’ queries. However, after emerging from the lockdown all our schedules were full. There has been an exponential increase in the number of patients post-Covid-19. I, for instance, am fully booked until October. That’s like four months advance booking as opposed to one month in previous years. There has been amazing growth, our diaries are full, and we are not complaining,” Dr Azib signed off.

Due to ageing, we tend to lose natural HA, collagen and elastin in our skin, leading to wrinkled and saggy skin. This is where our fillers come into play, replenishing the natural features that we’ve lost.

Aesthetically Yours – Information | Khaleej Instances, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Filling the gap in aesthetics

One of the leading global aesthetic and skincare player, TEOXANE has set up its first office in Dubai. The Geneva-based firm is committed to offer and extend best-in-class customer service and deliver business continuity, thereby providing customers and professionals easier access to the unique bespoke collection of products designed by Swiss science and excellence.

TEOXANE focuses on designing innovative hyaluronic dermal fillers, an award-winning range of bespoke products made of 100 per cent non-animal origin, cruelty-free and biodegradable hyaluronic acid (HA) that is highly biocompatible, offering immediate and long-lasting results. Madame Valérie Taupin, the visionary behind TEOXANE, built her visionary aesthetics empire in 2003, with a commitment to providing first in class avant-garde products that deliver high performance, based on rigorous scientific research delivering long-lasting natural results.

When Taupin created Teoxane Laboratories in Geneva in 2003, her vision was crystal clear – to satisfy the ever-demanding aesthetic market with high performance, avant-garde products based on rigorous scientific research.  Today Teoxane’s focus remains unchanged. They are dedicated to designing and manufacturing HA dermal fillers and skincare products, applying industry-leading expertise and high-quality standards.

Building on a firm commitment to innovation and patient satisfaction, they have strengthened their presence in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Teoxane is now confirmed as a major player in aesthetic medicine and skincare, offering effective solutions to practitioners worldwide, helping women and men who want to look and feel their best at all times and help them maintain their beauty in the future.

The company has gained a reputation for its innovative, scientifically proven range of aesthetic products.

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