Naked Aesthetic MedSpa Makes Sufferers the Precedence in Closter

After spending much of 2020 in some form of isolation or another, self-care is more important than ever. Which is why there’s been a large increase of interest from NJ residents in local medical spas. One such spa is Bare Aesthetic MedSpa in Closter, specializing in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics.

Bare Aesthetic notes that cosmetic procedures aren’t about being vain or artificial. “It’s about celebrating one’s unique individual beauty and the confidence that occurs from achieving our aesthetic goals,” Vanessa Coppola says; FNP-BC Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, aesthetic specialist, and owner of Bare Aesthetic MedSpa. “Self-care is nurturing to the mind, body, and soul.”

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A Firm Focus on You at Bare Aesthetic MedSpa

The 2,300-square-foot Bare Aesthetic MedSpa features a “very minimalist” design. “That is reflective of our approach and our philosophy to medical aesthetics,” Coppola says. “One of the hallmarks of our physical space is that it is devoid of any advertisements or branding. It’s truly a blank white canvas, similar to a gallery. We believe that the openness and starkness of our space reflects the ethos of our approach; in that less is more and the patient is at the center of all we do,” she explains. “We’re here to provide an experience that is relaxing, rewarding, safe, and ethically conscious; and one that helps the patient achieve their aesthetic goals.”

They do all of the cosmetic procedures at Bare Aesthetic MedSpa on an outpatient basis. These services include Botox and facial fillers as well as lip enhancement procedures and laser services; including Clear + Brilliant, IPL, laser skin resurfacing, and laser facials. They also offer microneedling both with and without radio frequency, HydraFacial and skin rejuvenation procedures, and chemical peels. “We offer Ultherapy, which we like to call the Beginner’s Nonsurgical Facelift!” says Coppola. However, it’s important to note since these services are purely cosmetic and elective, insurance does not cover them. Click here for a full list of services.

Naked Aesthetic MedSpa Makes Sufferers the Precedence in Closter, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Coppola says that lip enhancement is her favorite service. “To create natural-looking lips is extraordinarily difficult,” she says. “I find it incredibly satisfying when the patient has beautifully enhanced lips; and yet only myself and the patient would ever know that anything was done,” she adds. Likewise, her favorite aspect of the job is setting and achieving goals with her patients. “When we can accomplish this together, it’s incredibly satisfying to me,” she continues. I love that I have the opportunity to take this aesthetic journey with my patients.”

Natural Results Are Key

Bare Aesthetic MedSpa maintains “a fully transparent, authentic, and honest experience” with patients. “Our goal is to help our patient’s achieve results that are subtle yet impactful,” Coppola explains. In other words, a good procedure is one you can’t see when it’s done. “You should only notice that the person looks bright, glowing, and beautiful,” she says.

Naked Aesthetic MedSpa Makes Sufferers the Precedence in Closter, dermalfillerbeforeandafter
Bare Bar Mocktail Menu

The Bare Aesthetic office features air purification systems, touchless check-in, and a paperless system to keep patients safe. All staff wear masks and each room is thoroughly disinfected between appointments. Coppola says these practices will continue beyond the pandemic. Beginning July 18, they will also offer custom curated mocktails from their Bare Bar. Coppola says “Your Bare-ista provides a menu of mocktails to order from as well as a sampling of our most popular services.”

You’ll find Bare Aesthetic MedSpa at 200 Closter Dock Road, 2nd floor in Closter. (Click here to see them on Google Maps.) To learn more, click here to visit their website or you can click here to give them a call.

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