Warnings against copycat Love Island stars’ cosmetic treatments

As Love Island 2021 begins, an expert aesthetics practitioner has warned of the dangers of copycat cosmetic treatments.

Whilst many Love Island contestants prepare their bodies with gruelling workouts and serious dieting, some are said to use surgical enhancements too.

Former contestant Shaughna Phillips has been open about her love of surgery, according to a Mirror report where she admitted she’s had her boobs uplifted and her laughter lines filled.

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The report said the 2019 Love Islander Amy Hart borrowed £7,000 from her grandparents for a boob job for her 21st birthday and fellow contestant Laura Anderson also had a boob job when she was just 19, going up to a 32E.

Warnings against copycat Love Island stars’ cosmetic treatments, dermalfillerbeforeandafter
Former Love Island stars Megan Barton Hanson, Amy Hart and Laura Anderson are all said to have had cosmetic surgery

It added that Megan Barton-Hanson, from the 2018 show, had a boob job and a nose job when she was just 19.

And The Sun recently reported that 2018 Love Islander Ellie Brown had a nose job, dermal filler in her lips and cheekbones and a course of micro-needling to her skin to get herself ready to enter the villa.

Love Island 2021 returns with 11 new contestants entering the villa on Monday June 28 on ITV2.

Terri Clifton runs F.A.C.E Aesthetics in Aldridge, a beauty clinic where she not only offers Botox and dermal fillers but also provides emergency corrective procedures to help people whose treatments have gone wrong.

Cosmetic treatments – everything you need to know

She says she sees young people who have had problems as a result of going for cheaper cosmetic treatments, often after being inspired by reality TV stars.

“I treat young people for corrections,” said Terri, who offers ‘natural aesthetics’ normally to middle-aged people who go through lots of consultation first.

“The younger generation often only see unnaturally enhanced faces on reality TV and Instagram.

“I’ve corrected people who have gone for dermal fillers aged just 26. It’s a very young age to be having that treatment.

“The biggest problem I see is where people have got lumps on their lips, cheeks or noses because they were not injected properly or have been overfilled.”

Former contestant Molly Mae has said she wants fillers to stop being normalised after having to get her lips dissolved, according to an EdinburghLive report.

Law firm Irwin Mitchell, which has an office in Birmingham, says it has seen an increase in the number of enquiries in relation to invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

“The pressure on young people to look a certain way is ever increasing as a result of social media and popular TV shows, amongst other things,” said Jenna Harris, partner at Irwin Mitchell.

“We have seen an increase in the number of enquiries in relation to invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures and our clients who have had cosmetic surgery go wrong are often left suffering physical and emotional pain.

“Many are also clear they would never have had the treatment, had they been fully aware of the risks involved at the outset.

“Research suggests more young people are attracted to cosmetic treatments and its worrying to see so many considering making changes to their bodies at such a young age.”

She added: “We would urge anyone seeking a procedure to think about it carefully and most importantly to do their research in relation to the procedure itself and the practitioner.

“Unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong and those affected are left in a worse position.”

Laura Whitmore is hosting Love Island 2021. Among the initial 11 contestants heading into the villa for 2021 are a Birmingham Nando’s waitress, Liberty Poole, as well as a former Birmingham City University student Kaz Kamwi.

Other stars include the likes of Aaron Francis, who previously worked at Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s weddings.

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