How Dr. Simon Ourian’s Neustem Dermal Filler Aid Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is a technique for sculpting and adding dimension to the face. Read on to learn how to achieve this by using Dr. Simon Ourian’s dermal filler.

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Simon Ourian of Epione Beverly Hills. Beauty doctor to the stars and all-around miracle-maker, he’s capable of amazing achieving transformations in both the faces and bodies of his patients. That’s without them even going under the knife.

How? By using proprietary non-surgical treatments such as his dermal filler Neustem. Neustem dermal fillers have a number of different uses in Dr. Ourian’s office.From reducing the appearance of dark circles and cellulite to complete facial contouring. It’s a treatment that gives amazing results.

How Dr. Simon Ourian’s Neustem Dermal Filler Aid Facial Contouring, dermalfillerbeforeandafter

Would you like to learn a little bit more about the amazing way Neustem is used for facial contouring in particular? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Non-Surgical Facial Transformations

For those who would like to change the appearance of their face, but are reluctant to go under the knife, treatments such as dermal fillers are a great option. Capable of providing non-surgical nose jobs, lip augmentation, and complete facial restructuring—fillers are becoming an ever more popular option for those looking for a facial refresh.

Facial contouring is all about changing the shape of the face to achieve a different look. It involves having dermal fillers injected into various areas. Most commonly, the cheeks, chin, and jawline are targeted.

When fillers are added to these areas, they can change the look of the face dramatically. They create depth and dimension—achieving a complete facial transformation.

Benefits of Neustem Dermal Fillers 

It is possible to change the shape of your jaw, your chin, your nose, and your mouth without ever going under the knife—or even going under. In the vast majority of cases, this procedure is performed without the use of anesthetics. It entails no incisions or scarring and little to no recovery time.

Dermal fillers can achieve amazing results and have many benefits. Especially in comparison to other more invasive options. Aside from the quality of results, the speed of the procedure and lack of downtime afterward are two things that patients find particularly impressive.

But the quality of results is hard to overstate. Many patients are surprised by the change in appearance achieved without undergoing a surgical procedure. 

Reasons for Seeking Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is becoming a more and more popular treatment sought by people of all ages from all walks of life. There are many reasons one might opt to have this treatment.

It can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve facial symmetry, or make one’s face more defined or full-looking. The options dermal fillers offer are surprisingly diverse.

Learn More About This Impressive Treatment

The above is a brief introduction to the options and benefits when it comes to dermal fillers. If you would like to learn more about facial contouring with the aid of Neustem dermal fillers, you can visit Dr. Ourian’s website, or get in touch to schedule a consultation for yourself.

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