Local Aesthetics Company Helps People Stay Uniquely Themselves

What started brewing in February 2020 turned into a family affair. Pre-COVID-19, Sandy Routhier attended a medical aesthetics conference in Las Vegas with her two daughters Meghan Hanna and Ellen Routhier. It was here that the three women started thinking about how they could help other people feel confident and be their unique selves. Meghan is a nurse practitioner who loves aesthetics and combining medicine with art.

Cue the start of Prim Aesthetics located at 225 Ashmun Street in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. 

Hanna explains, “My mom owns both Prim Aesthetics and Proper Apparel, a size-inclusive clothing boutique next door to Prim and run by my sister. She (my mom) wanted to invest in our downtown community and bring something to the area that has not been offered before. We love and believe in women and understand the important role that confidence plays in our everyday – how it spills over into every aspect of life. Sometimes that confidence comes from the way we look – or rather, the way we feel about how we look.”

What does Prim Aesthetics focus on?

At Prim Aesthetics, we help people stay uniquely themselves, but more confident. Hanna says, “After working family practice for years (and being around women/friends), I got some sneak insight into the way women view aging. And, if we can make that a more positive experience with a more positive outlook, we want to be a part of that!”

Prim Aesthetics offers several treatments including Dysport®/Botox® injections, dermal fillers, Kybella™, chemical peels, micro needling, dermaplaning and even semi-permanent/permanent make-up like microblading and eyeliner. We also offer tattoo and permanent make-up removal treatments and skin and eyelash growth consultations.

Who can benefit from Prim Aesthetics’ services?

Almost anyone – we see patients of all ages and of all backgrounds. 

Hanna boasts, “I always say how fun it is to be able to be a part of our patients’ journey on so many ends of the aging spectrum. Our treatment chairs see patients from their early 20s to young 80s! Anyone looking to improve their skin health and facial balance can benefit from seeking services with us. Even in those cases where injectables may not be an option for more mature patients, resurfacing treatments, a facial regimen, or home skin health products can still get them steps closer to their goals. And for our younger clientele, a lot of what we focus on is early recognition of signs of aging through preventative treatments aimed at prolonging the visual effects of the aging process.”

To book an appointment or learn more about the services offered at Prim Aesthetics, visit the company website. Make sure to also follow them on Instagram @prim_aesthetics and Facebook @prim.aesthetics.ssm. For specific questions, call (906) 240-9140.


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